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Expat Easters and the Importance of the Egg!

First published on March 18, 2013

Easter is an important holiday in our family

When I get ready to make another international move…I try to get all my ducks in a row. I put all my eggs in one basket so I can carefully get ready for the move. I know many of you will think we should not have all of our eggs in one basket but when you make a commitment to move to a new job, a new location, a new school and a new culture – you need to be fully committed. You need to have everything set and ready to go! You need to carefully lay out a plan!

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Getting all your ducks in a row – or all your eggs in a basket!

When many Expats move they have this vision that they can build up their lives into some sort of nicely layered experience

Blending their home culture into their new culture. Making layer after layer build up into a wonderful beautiful experience for the whole family. Not only do they want all their eggs in one basket, they want to stack their eggs!

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Amazing Egg Art with the artist standing by it

Reality seldom meets our expectations

As an expat you can easily get side tracked and forget what is most important in your family. You get worried about your child’s interactions. You worry about the exposure you child has to something different from his or her home environment.

I can easily recall a valid worry I have had in each location we have lived in:

  • Pago – Pago – Will the ship ever arrive with basic supplies (Laundry soap, tampons, and toothpaste)
  • USA – Houston -Will my boss get arrested for fraud? (The only job I have every quit)
  • Singapore – Will we make it home often enough to stay connected with family?
  • Perth – Will the kids really know their grandparents?
  • USA -Danville  Can we pay the bills?
  • Indonesia – Jakarta -The preschool vs. a working Mom saga
  • Indonesia – Duri -Will the limited amount of friends scar my child’s interactions?
  • Nigeria -Will having security guards with automatic guns on the school bus harm my child’s development?
  • Thailand – Will the exposure to the seedy parts of the town harm my children?
  • Indonesia -Balikpapan – Will our kids every come to visit again?
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Sometimes we feel like we are in hot water and out of control!