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Do you know the Worldwide Stats? Protecting our kids


Famous words we hope to all hear.

There were over 5,500 deaths and over 1.5 million accidents from distracted driving and texting last year. I wonder what the numbers would be if we checked it out worldwide? ( so many countries do not keep stats)

TXT ME L8R is a bridge at the crossroad of technology and the vulnerability from distracted driving and texting. I believe TXT ME L8R is a solution to the global problem of distracted driving and texting.


If the phone is traveling faster than 5 mph then TXT ME L8R disables the functions of the phone. Your teenager can not send or receive text messages, use any of the apps on the phone (there is an exception list), all in-coming phone calls go straight to voicemail, and outgoing calls can be blocked. The app also auto-replies to the sender “TXT ME L8R – I am Driving”.

Check this out.



Yes, it does work on our International kids phones!



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