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Expat and Empathy: Two of the best “E” words in the world

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You know you are an expat when…I had to meet up with someone, and I suggested meeting outside the Southwest Terminal at the Reno Airport. I had the whole city to pick for an excellent location, and the airport seemed to work best for me.

Check out this blog about EMPATHY:

Everybody needs somebody! This is why most expats spend a portion of their summer time around family and friends. They are re-connecting. When I need to meet up with a service provider in the community, I ask him to meet me at the one place in Reno I feel I know well. We met at the International Airport.

Model and mirror – If you look at a person’s face and read their emotions, it is easy to understand how mirroring works. If you are not sure how a person is feeling, try to make your face look like their face and check your inner emotions. How are you feeling? This is probably how the other person is feeling. Or at least it is a good start to understanding what they might be feeling. When you model empathy for your children, they learn so much. I still have a passion that our kids will be better in the world than we are. I try to model empathy every day.

Put yourself in their shoes. As the traveler with twins was struggling with their car seats, I remembered what it was like to travel with two children under the age of three. She didn’t seem to have enough hands.

Ask if you can help. I stopped my conversation with the service person I was meeting and walked over to ask the traveler if she needed help. She was trying to get the stroller to open up, she had one child in her arms and the other one was holding on to her knees. I started to lean towards the stroller to yank it open. Wham! She put the child into my arms and dealt with it herself. With one quick movement, she opened the stroller, put the child on the floor into it and then turned to me. The smile she gave me as she took her baby out of my arms was priceless. No other words were needed. She went on her way to check-in, and I returned to my conversation.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. I listened carefully to the service person and respected his time and expertise. I quickly made my USA commitment for services I knew nothing about since I have not lived in the USA for so long. I knew this representative knew a lot more than I would ever know about his product.

Hurtful or helpful. When the bus loaded with out of town guests pulled up right by me, I had to give directions as each person came off since they could not seem to see the various check-in counters. As you know, once you help one person you seem to be approachable and friendly, so more people will approach you. I needed my “Welcome to Reno” badge!

You feel better, and they feel better. They got where they needed to go, and I went home feeling good about my afternoon at the Reno Airport without traveling.

It was an afternoon of empathy.

I love this video and how they were able to capture “Empathy” so well. ¬†What has been a moment in your life that you can’t forget because someone was able to show you empathy? What did they do that touched you? Please put your story in the comment section. ¬†Thanks.

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