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Instilling Family Values as You Move Around the World

Sometimes you read something that needs to be sent out to the large population.  This statement from Gulley needs to be heard.

“Some things are just silly. We require schools to teach family values. We demand that politicians legislate family values. We even expect Hollywood to promote family values. Everyone is supposed to instill family values, except for families.”


Let’s take it from the top. Schools are here to educate. Politicians are here to govern. Hollywood is here to make money. But families are here to nurture, to love, to support, and (dare I say it?) instills values.

So how do we pass on values? We practice them as parents. Simple. But hard. Consistency is the key.

If you want to teach peace, model forgiveness.

If you want to teach abstinence from drugs, empty your liquor cabinet.

If you want to teach integrity, keep your word.

If you want to teach thrift, practice simplicity.

If you want to teach sexual purity, don’t cheat on your spouse.

If you want to teach compassion, rein in your judgment.

If you want to teach mercy, be merciful.”

By Philip Gulley

As expats we often don’t have a stable ‘family porch’ but the fact is, the whole world is our front porch.

As we sit around the world with a multitude of other families, we can quickly pick and choose what family values we want to hold dear to our hearts and instill in our children.

What we must do as expats are to surround our children with adults that share our values and will help us give a voice to these values, so they make sense to the children.

Technology makes it easy for us to keep in touch with our extended family and this is very special to our global nomads. We need to give our children face to face time with other caring adults as we move around the world. Your job as a parent is to seek out these adults. They are often in roles of teachers, coaches, neighbors and your peers in your work environment. Invite them to spend time with you and your family.

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