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Global Shipping: The Art of Letting Go with Treasure or Junk

Am I the only one that gets stressed with change?

As we fill up another twenty- foot container leaving Bangkok to go to our new home in Borneo my husband and I don’t see eye to eye. If you have not moved a lot this 20 foot container is an “in exact unit of cargo capacity – often in a metal box” that can easily be transferred between different modes of transportation. If our stuff would be going from Borneo to our home in Lake Tahoe, this container would work in the ship, the train and the truck.

I know all of my global friends will relate to this part of the move…your spouse picks up an item and casually says, “This is trash.” He doesn’t even look to see if you agree. He misses the panic in your eyes and the catch of your breath. This happened to us over a box of “Lego pieces”.

Picture 17
Simens_ Lego Land – Creative Moments and a Lifetime of Memories

I see them as treasured memories of a lifetime of fun. He sees them as things we have “outgrown”.

I am always open to change and willing to learn and even willing to let go. But Lego pieces? Come On!

What happens if our child becomes one of a handful of artists in the world who have been certified by Lego to create contemporary sculpture with its bricks?

I am amazed at Sean Kenney’s design shop. He works in Queens in a bright study with about 2 million Lego pieces. Sean quit his Park Avenue six-figure salary as a software designer to take up a new career. He calls his current career “a professional kid.” He is indeed an artist.

One thing Sean and I have in common is the concern of “shipping” our items. He is often worried that his sculpture might not make the international shipping well and the prospect of breakage can cause him anxiety. I always worry about items breaking in our moves. But I worry on two points.  I worry that my stuff will not survive the shipment and I WORRY that at some time all my stuff will show up at the same time in the same location.  I have been doing this for so many years, so many shipments with items going back into storage…if they all showed up at one time this would be a nightmare.

Back to Sean, he made a life-size polar bear for the Philadelphia Zoo; it has 95,000 bricks in it. Imagine that!

I think of it as I move our box of legos with 5,000 pieces in it.

Sean has also worked with Google, Marriott Hotels, JPMorgan Chase and the New York Yankees as well as private collections. In my mind he is an artist.

Perhaps my son or daughter are “artists” that just have not yet found their medium. Or someday I might have a grandchild that is a budding Lego Artist!


ps_ the Legos went into our shipment.

ps_I am about to cause a cultural miss – step.

I just got the call that said ” Raja made his flight to Jakarta.”  I said, “Well I am glad, I was concerned that he might be doing duty free shopping running up my visa bill or hanging out at the bar prior to boarding and he might have missed his flight.”  All I got was a quiet silence moment before ‘thank you’ and the dial tone. Was this not funny? Perhaps I am much more funny to myself when I am stressed with moving than I am actually funny!  But I thought…I paid you…you took my dog, I would expect him to be on the flight as we had planned. If he didn’t make the flight…what did you do wrong?


  • October 30, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    Never leave your Lego behind! It’s a classic toy that needs to be handed down generation after generation, quite apart from the fact that it’s so darn expensive. My 25 year old’s Lego has followed us around the world and is now safely stored in our loft, waiting for grandchildren 🙂