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Thinking About Family – Christmas 2015

Christmas Morning 2015

There is no noise. The frothy white milk mirrors the mounds of snow on the balcony. The dark black coffee reminds me of my mom. It triggers my sense of smell with a kind of sweet red berry-ness with a hint of malty pastry-like aroma. It puts me in my mom’s kitchen where I often found her drinking coffee in the early morning.

I recall sharing my passion for a floral Ethiopian coffee with mom when we returned from Africa.  I remember sharing my favorite dark and smoky Sumatran beans with mom when I visited her while we lived on that interesting island of Indonesia. Mom was always willing to try any coffee I would brew. Her only requirement was it had to be hot coffee and it had to be black coffee –no additions.

Snow is swirling outside as I sit in front of the fireplace having my early morning coffee; everyone else in the household is sound asleep. I think over the past year and how my life has changed.

2015 – I quit living the lifestyle I  loved for the past 26 years. I withdrew from international teaching and am no longer taking more clients with my expat counseling profession. I am currently volunteering with Crisis Intervention with an emphasis on domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. I am still volunteering for Families in Global Transition as the program chair for FIGT16NL. At times, I am too busy.

“There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is having lots to do and not doing it.”  – by Mary Wilson Little

So far, my work ethics is still active, and I am not okay with the “not doing” part of volunteering. At times, it seems I work more than when I had a full-time paying job.

I have enjoyed connecting with Naomi Hattaway on her FB page “I am a Triangle”. I have also enjoyed reading about reentry at the FB page, “Re-entry / Repatriation stories” run by Helen Watts.

I moved back to the USA. I am finding that the values of being a global citizen might not be high on the list of many people I come into contact with here. Life here in the USA is mostly about the USA. I understand that, and I get that. It seems the media tends only to care about the USA; the school curriculum looks very firmly based mainly on USA items and even travel seems to be mainly around the USA. I am enjoying my time here. But my life in other countries was about the world.

I eventually realizing that there just isn’t enough space on our walls to fit all of the art works, photos and maps that I want to put up from our time abroad — and that is why I have two piles in the garage.  One for each child, once they get their own more permanent places.

Mom and Dad - Memories

Mom and Dad – Memories


2015 -My mom, Janet Elizabeth Avery Wright joined Gearold Ward Wright in heaven. We now have to confront the sorrows of life; we have to know how to laugh and cry at the same time. I know every pain is matched with love, and every hurt is paired with healing. I loved Momma and will miss her. Her foundation allowed me to be a traveling fool with no regrets.

Life is about changing nothing ever stays the same.

Just as I settle back into the USA, I am sure my children “might not” choose to live here. A recent poll at TransferWise stated that millennials – 55% of these America­ns between the ages of 18-34 say they’d consider moving abroad. In the Transferwise Survey, “more affordable health care abroad” was the top reason the USA is not appealing. Then the work/life balance is out of whack in the USA. I can understand why my kids might choose other locations they have experienced.  They know that  they were better off  living there.

I am going to have to factor in airplane tickets into my budget on a semi-regular basis, for pretty much the rest of my life, because I’m either going to be there and visiting their home or at my home and having them visiting here.

I will have to learn to say goodbye – again.  It will be okay to cry as they leave.



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