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Holy Hell: I want the ‘Holy” back in Christmas

What really happens when your child is tempted to engage in risky behavior?

We are all aware of the gateway drugs and their dangers but it seems as if there are other things almost as dangerous. Especially in the Holiday Season!

I am not a very “afraid” parent.  I let my kids roam the streets of foreign countries. They have experienced tear-gas at large events where police threw canisters for crowd control. They have eaten ‘street food’ from unknown sources.  But somethings I just can’t control or at times keep them away from harm.

I am worried about smartphones.

Did you know that our kids can get apps that say “Blow into your phone to smoke this cigarette!” You can have a beer, snort cocaine (they recommend using an old credit card or hotel key card to make it even more realistic), hit a bong, learn to grow marijuana, simulate Russian Roulette with this revolver. There are porn “wallpaper” options. I didn’t know all of this until I started to think about Christmas shopping! These things are out there.  They are not a concern to my country or the businesses in my country. Why?

But then we do so really weird stuff –

Ban Hand Holding

A bill passed in Tennessee earlier this year declared hand-holding a ‘gateway sexual activity,’ with teachers facing firing for even demonstrating the action.

Ban – Hugging

The ban on hugging isn’t a one-off rule at a select school, but a trend. Schools in Portland and Florida started instituting these rules in 2010, while administrations in New Jersey and New Zealand took it upon themselves in 2012. For all, the reasoning appears to be the same: Respecting personal space and “unsuitable interactions” between students must be banned.

Ban – Best Friends

No more BFFs for you, British kids! At a few U.K. schools, teachers are preventing children from making “best friends” in an attempt to save others’ feelings.

What about banning Christmas…

I said Christmas
Picture 17
Everything is so wrong with this picture!

Grinch, yikes? We’ve all heard of holiday trees instead of Christmas trees and those long December concerts (Not Christmas Concerts), but some schools have gone as far as banning any references to Santa and carols, among other Christmas-oriented terms.

I want my smartphone to help my life – not mess with young kids.  I want teens to hold hands and be in love. In fact, I want their teachers to also be in love and show it! Not only do I want my kids to have BFF’s, but I also want to keep and share my own BFF’s.  I want to keep Christmas as it has been for me – my whole life. I want to talk about Santa and sing Christmas carols.  I want to sing “Mary’s Boy Child” and “Hark, The Herald Angels Sing.”

What would you like more of “under your Christmas Tree”?

1) Smart Phone apps and lot of calls for connections

2) Holding hands with someone special for a connection

3) Holiday cheer that connects you with friends and family

Two of my favorite Christmas songs.  One from each end of the age span!

Notes:  Photo http://www.google.com/imgres?q=evil+santa+claus

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