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My Home: Blocking Patterns in our Move is causing another Frankenstorm

Today’s News_ As Climate Central reported that the jet stream winds boxing in a storm called “Sandy” is creating a “Frankenstorm.” This Frankenstorm is part of “blocking patterns which have appeared with greater frequency and intensity in recent years.”

I feel this is my life this week. Moving has created a Frankenstorm.

I have had nine international moves. They are either getting worse or I am getting more concerned how our items, pets and our own feelings are being dealt with. It might be because companies have outsourced their work. What looked good on paper in reality ‘sucks’ for people involved in the process?

wicked withc under packing boxes

Wicked Witch Under the Packing Boxes (Kansas Theme)

When you do not have one contact person, the amount of emails you receive starts to be an amazing amount of Internet shatter. This shatter is often coming from the original company, the outsourced company and sometimes the company the outsourced company retained. AND sometimes from both the leaving country and the new arriving country.

I have 23 emails concerning just one question about the movement of our dog and still no answer. The latest one I got said, “Shall we cancel the original flight?” Umhumm…Let me see…I will no longer have a home since my lease is over, my husband has a new job to report to, my items are already boxed up, the health clearance for my dog is only good for a week…hum I think I might need to get my pet on that flight. Or – I could just take Raja, hit the beaches of Thailand and forget to get on with my real life. Tough decision.

Asian News_ “When Hurricane Julia becomes a hybrid-moving monster some call “Frankenstorm” she will incessantly talk to her husband in his office, longer and louder than last year’s damaging conversations during the Thai Floods. The brunt of the moving mayhem will be concentrated where the packers will come in Nichada early Monday, but there will be hundreds of hours of ongoing, nerve racking and persistent emails and phone calls for the entire Asian region for several days, according to friends who know Julia.”

I know I should be ‘honored’ and humble that in a move of this magnitude I really do little. I do not have to load up my best friend’s pick-up truck and personally carry each box out of my home and into my new location. I am thankful that my ‘college slumming’ days are over.

I remain hopeful that my dog will show up at my new home still alive.

I am confident that Kevin will once again realize that moving brings out the best in me but he knew this 25 years ago when we got married and started this expat adventure.

There are a few things that make every move more palatable.
1) Take personal time to relax and get away from the mess and stress.
2) Remember it will soon all be over.
3) Make a master plan with holes in it to be flexible.
4) Divide and conquer – make sure you have family or friends to be part of the process so they can help you finish some of the things on your to do list.
5) Love your life – without being a global family you would have never been able to do all the other things that are so important to you.
Then…we get on the plane!

  • Becky Hanson
    October 27, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Good luck…hope Raja makes it OK. Its a relative short flight to Indonesia, so fingers crossed. Hope this assignment is a nice one for you. I’m having a harder time with this posting in China because of not having the school connection, and “my face matches, but not my language” problem with the locals. I went home from March through September…took my cat to Oregon to live with Ruth (long story that one), had some (minor)surgery needing 6 weeks recovery, 4 relatives passed away (2 uncles, 1 aunt, 1 cousin) this summer, helped Rose back into her dorm. So feels new all over again. Tiny Chevron office here in Nanjing, so Rex is very busy and stressed. Going to attempt Mandarin lessons, but not looking forward to them, don’t think it will help me much except to be understood when I say “I don’t speak Chinese” in Chinese. LOL!

    • October 28, 2012 at 9:05 am

      Thanks Becky…I am having a real issue with an 18 hour “crate trip’ for a 3 hour flight. Seems unusual and cruel punishment. He had a 19 hour crate trip for a 6,600 trip from Africa and it included a stop/walk and shower in Europe. Don’t even get me started talking about the $dollar amount involved in this punishment. But soon, it will be all done so I can stop fussing about it.