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Celebrating Mother’s Day: I’m in the Book! I know you all are saying “We know”, “We know”…but do you?

Great news! As an official co-author of The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating Moms and Motherhood, I want to share my gratitude with you!

I was so excited to take part in this book. This Christmas my mother ended up in the emergency room, and then a stay in skilled nursing center and a move into an apartment in Colorado. This was a huge transition for her – to leave her farm and life-long residency in Russell Springs,Kansas. When I was approached to be part of this new book, I had to do it.

With gratitude to my Mother – Janet Wright

I decided to write this about my mother:

I don’t remember my mom ever encouraging me.

She is not a bad mother, just someone that doesn’t talk much.

I came home from school devastated that I didn’t make the team, she listened and said, “ummm”. I had many “ummm” conversations throughout school.

I wanted to go to some place “unique” for college. When I showed her the college applications she said, “umm”. My scholarship was 4,500 miles away from home. I don’t remember her cheering me on. I do remember getting airline tickets. I had many of these “ummm” conversations in college.

We told her that my new husband would be taking a job overseas and we planned on raising her grandchildren as global nomads, she said “ummm”. When her grandkids talked about machine guns on their school bus to insure their safety, she said, “ummm”.

I am a family therapist and I use “ummm”. It is one way to convey warmth and yet not be judgmental. My mother gave me more than I ever knew. With every “ummm”,  she was giving me the chance to explore things myself, believe in myself and grow as a person.

My mother was giving me resilience!

Inspiring stories from the book also include:

The Ritual, by Maureen Huntley
Maureen writes in appreciation about “the ritual” that her and her mother would not miss: getting manicures, pedicures and Starbuck’s lattes and then enjoy the sailboats drifting across the lake. Two best friends that adored every last minute together, and not taking a single moment for granted.

And also:

A Drop of Love, by Laura Accardo-Williams
Laura expresses her gratitude towards her mother for giving her the capability to love her son so much. Her mother passed on a “life-long legacy of love” to her which makes her want to honor her mother today, and every day, because of her capacity to love. As a mother, her love has blossomed so much that what she felt as a child, was merely a “drop” of what she feels now.

For me this was my ultimate Mother’s Day gift – my daughter going to my mother’s apartment and helping her find my entry in this book. Jackie marked the page so my Mom can go back and re-read it again and again.

Happy Mother’s Day for my American Friends.Nat’l sales proceeds of THE GRATITUDE BOOK PROJECT: CELEBRATING MOMS & MOTHERHOOD go 2 Women 4 Women: http://amzn.to/gFZ30Z

Happy Mother’s Day – A real celebration

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