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New Years Resolution: Spend time with old folks

We all know a ‘Gladys Wilson” but not all of us will take time to make a connection to a “Gladys Wilson”. As expats who leave your family elders in your home county, you can reach out to the elders in your own host country.

I know many expats who help out with nurseries or orphanages. I do not know very many that help out with elders in the community. Have you ever thought of making tri-generational events a common theme in the lives of your children?

Recently, I had dinner with an Expat friend from a common location we had twenty years ago. She recently went back to that location and looked up the “grandma” type babysitter she had for her children. They (as a family) had always maintained close ties to this lady. She had been a very important part of their lives when their children were under the age of five. Imagine now twenty years later, they still care about her. They connect with her.

I wonder if other expats have made this type of connection to host country old people.

If you have a story about a host country old person and your family, I would love to hear about it. Please share with us so others might be inspired to support this type of connection around the world.

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