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I am a life long learner. This is not my normal blog style but when you sign up for an additional 200 hours of college level tech training, it is bound to leak over into all parts of your life. If you present to adults, please pay close attention to this blog. The way we view lectures, parent education classes and workshops are changing!

Hitting a university as a guest lecturer is always a concern. Using Prezi to do the presentation is not ‘new’ to me. Using Prezi before the lecture will be a new way to look at technolgy. When I lecture at the university level in Bangkok, I am always concerned about:

  • Will I give them enough information to make the time seem as valuable?
  • Will I share enough of my subject matter to help them understand some key concepts?

I decided to set up a Prezi that will be given to MA and PHD candidates prior to my classroom lecture on early childhood development.

Reverse instruction driven at a onetime lecture instead in a classroom might be a very valuable tool. The pre involvement will allow them to prepare discussion questions, connect themes, and bounce ideas off each other before the official classroom visit. I hope this will provide more than enough ideas for discussion and help them refine and narrow their own discussions as well.
Simens Unit 1 Project Technology Finding ways to connect digital tools to audience learning

After my presentation, it will provide an outlet to further discuss issues or for ideas that were cut short and require further discussion. The reason I want to build on this classroom community is that I am the expert for only one day, they can be the experts for each other the rest of the class meetings. Having ownership and keeping all these thoughts will be tremendously valuable. All of this can happen at any time and anywhere and that is a real plus for working adults who are trying to fit in advance learning. The Prezi makes their discussion go beyond the 80 minutes once-off in a university classroom.

When I am asked to lecture, I will have the students receive a copy of the Prezi link and the following questions. What do you want to know more about? What other things would you add to this presentation? What is one great resource that everyone in your class should now about?

Example:  Hi, I am Julia Simens and I am set to discuss child development in your class Saturday morning.  Please preview the presentation at the following link. Then answer one of these questions:

  1. What do you want to know more about?
  2. What other things would you add to this presentation?
  3. What is one great resource for childhood development that everyone in your class should know about?

and email me back ONE of the questions above.  I will be adding your feedback into the presentation before I give my talk.  This will allows us to do two main things:

  • Ensure we cover things you want to know
  • Build up your own area of expertise in the classroom

Please note after our classroom lecture, you will be sending by email a short 50-150 words about your learning. These comments will also be added to the presentation that you will always have access to for notes or exams.

NOITCELFER – looking at tech from all angles

Still don’t understand the title…REFLECTION  in another form of reverse!

Note: I am aware that this process puts the ownership back on me to update and maintain the Prezi.  I feel this is necessary since I am unclear of the technology level of my students. I do feel they will be more ‘keen’ to receive a lecture that has some information from classmates that they know very well.  It also gives me the opportunity to edit or fine tune comments to make sure they reflect the current trends in childhood development.


Thank you. This is my reflection on Unit 1 of the Coetail class from SUNY.

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