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Remember the Music – Raise awareness of Alzheimer’s

Remember the Music – an evening of music by area musicians to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s.

alz association of coloradoI have seen a variety of Eagle Scout projects from around the world. Living as an expat for many years, I have gone to Eagle Scout events in Nigeria, Thailand, Indonesia and the USA. The majority of Eagle projects are construction-based. This one was different –  it had one huge key element: It meant something personally to the scout, Grant Martin.

Some project ideas don’t always present themselves so clearly. That makes Requirement 5 — “plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project” — the task that slows down more aspiring Eagles than any other.

Boy Scout

This evening was the first time I was so impressed that I felt I needed to blog about my experience and tell my readers about this powerful work done by Grant Martin of Conifer, Colorado.

First of all Grant was honoring his Grandfather so of course that touched my soul. His ‘Grampa’ died in 2009 had Alzheimer’s so this tribute was very heart warming I was impressed by the facts about Alzheimer’s  that Ms. Erin Leeper from the Colorado Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association supplied to the audience.

Being a serial expat, I have had very few chances to hear our National Anthem. It was the trumpet solo by Will Buckles that made me truly realize that this Boy Scout project was really based in America. I was able to remember the music from my past where it was common to hear this song prior to events.

Musical Families are dear to my heart

Sigrid and Ianna Debrunner completed a very impressive piano number. When they played  “The Wanderer”, I thought of all my fellow global nomads, we have indeed been wanderers!  Stella Martin then brought it back home to me. Her spectacular rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was breathtaking. Imagine being that young and having that much pose as well as having that voice – Stella’s mom on the piano must have been very proud.

Stella was "Perfect"!

Stella was “Perfect”!

Kathleen Widland and Jeff Scarborough vocals and guitars really rocked the room with two songs, “Hard Times” and “For Mom and Dad”.  We were all very impressed. I am sure all parents related to the last song and for many families the first song as well.  I loved the bang-up performance of members from “Check”.  They were some members of the Heritage High School’s Show Choir.

Abe Martin’s informal mind-blowing ability to give us songs on the piano to help us complete the “Name that Tune Competition” was very impressive. I thought at times, it was a trick by the Alzheimer’s Association to help us get a real life experience of the disease.  I say this lighthearted, but I ‘knew’ so many of the tunes but was unable to come up with the title.  Or I knew the title but not the composer. Of course, when you are in a room full of musical people or parents of the musicians on stage, someone got eight song titles and eight composers right!  Not my group.

Nate Locke showcased from the back of the room a wonderful trumpet solo. All enjoyed this.

Parent and Child Interactions and Connections

The storytelling on how Grant and his mother, Jane Diamond-Martin created duets were priceless. Imagine the joy of a mom to be able to sit side by side with her child as they practice, learn and execute a duet. Jane has been able to do this with Grant on a variety of occasions. They treated us to three tonight, “Strolling at Loch Lomond”, “Sonatina in C” and “Songs my Mother Taught Me”.  They were executed flawless in my opinion. I have always been a huge believer in the magic of storytelling between a parent and a child.  Now I understand the magic of the musical storytelling with your child.

The theme of musical families was very apparent with Greta Gohring and Judy Gohring allows us a peek at how they can perform together. The Jazz Combo from the Conifer High School played “Standing on the Corner and “Song for My Father.”  The following people preformed the final numbers at the concert, Mike and Sandy Marek, Kristy and Nate Craig and Nora Oehrle.

I thought it was a nice touch that Grant decided to end the evening of music with the classic song ” Let There be Peace on Earth” where he invited all the performers and the audience to join in with this. I, of course, sang.  Loud and proud.

Grant Martin did indeed – “plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project”.



Please note I am not an expert in Music, Boy Scouts, or awareness of Alzheimer’s, if there are mistakes above, I am sorry.

Special thanks to Robert Martin and Carol Martin who thought to include me in this special celebration.

  • March 30, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    Hello Julia. The success of the event was due to all the folks like you that attended and supported us, the musicians and Principal Ryan Lucas of Elk Creek Elementary, my parents and my brother and sister…Abe and Stella. I want to thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to comment on my Eagle Project. Also, thanks for attending.