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Siblings – let them fight!

After so many parents came into my office complaining about the relationship between their children.  Fighting. Fighting. Fighting.  I always tell the parents to rethink the fighting. Siblings who simply ignore each other and have less fighting – their relationship remains cold and distant in the long term.

As we age, it is important that our children remain in contact with each other

Dr. DeHart at New York College compared how four-year-old children treat their younger siblings versus their best friends. The kids made seven times as many negative and controlling statements to their siblings as they did to friends.

Parents can help an older child see how they treat siblings by asking a simple question. “Would you say that to your friend?” and let the child reflect on that.

Parents can also show their kids photos from the past where they looked like they were having fun and enjoying each others company. Remind them that they can connect without fighting.

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