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As an educator, speaker, author and consultant, Julia has a gold-medal global perspective on children and parenting.  Parents look for her for guidance because she has raised her two children overseas while worrying about schools, medical conditions, friendships and loss of extended family contact.She and her family have navigated nine international relocations that have provided her the opportunity to work with over 8,000 families on five continents.  It’s helped her understand the similarities of emotions children share around the globe. She has personally gazed into the eyes of young children from around the world and helped them successfully transition into their new environment.  She is the expert on emotional resilience and the expat child.

Email Julia at:  julia.simens@gmail.com

The story:

It was the normal large business function that my husband often drags me to, and we are expected to have a nice dinner and talk to his colleagues. I was very pleased that my dress looked great. For once my hair was not sticking out with odd fuzzy lumps it often gets in the tropics because they directed us to sit at the table with the highest-ranking person in the company. He was in town for the yearly business meeting.

Half way through the dinner he raised his glass to offer a toast to my husband.  As I held my glass high, I had no idea what wonderful things my husband had been up to and why the company felt they should honor him. Then I heard these words, “Here’s to the Simens’ family since they are the first in this group to be moving”.  Toasts and cheers went all around the table.

I nodded and made eye contact with my spouse. For you see, we had not talked about moving. We had just spent enough time to unpack our things, settle in, and I had just found a job. It was not even one year in this assignment, and I knew we were heading off to some new location.

Along the way, we added a dog, a cat, and two children.

Schools, PTA’s and Organizations hire me to talk about transitions, what we can do to help our children in this global lifestyle or how to work within a school system to get the best for everyone.

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Julia was in the Wall Street Journal and other major news outlets.

If you have read the book and have made your families own emotion stories – You can submit your families emotion stories to julia.simens@gmail.com

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