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The following magazines, blogs or newspapers have asked my opinion about a variety of things.  If you are interested in a topic, please click on it and read.


  •  I had a wonderful interview about living in Thailand Lots of good information from the expat kids living there
  • We are all so busy now, I was recently quoted on the benefits of being “unplugged” and the importance of playground time
  • One of the articles that I am most proud of was listed under # real moms
  • A press release that went around the world
  • I have worked with a lot of divorced families so it is not a surprise that they quoted me so much on this article on Huffington Post but it did surprise me to see it also on the Huff Post Canada. Then it showed up again here.
  • Parents often have trouble understanding the teacher – child relation. It was nice being quoted on lifetimemoms.com
  • Children want their grandparents to be judgment-free cheerleaders. …. the good-grade push from parents and teachers can cause stress for a grandkid on Grandparents.com
  • AsiaLife Magazine wrote a nice article with interviews from TCK’s.
  • Picture 10
  • The Desert News had an article about the “giving” at the holidays that talks about the parental skills necessary to help kids learn to give and not just take.

The neighborhood connection at the International School of Bangkok had an article prior to my talks at ISB. Thani Talk Feb.

  • Sheknows.com Parenting talks about child development. When is it the right time to give up certain things in your baby’s life?
  • Yahoo Canada wrote about 18 ways to help your kid make friends.
  • Baby Developmental Milestones – a look at  getting a handle on milestones
  • The magazine Playtime, your expert guide to family life  in Hong Kong did an interview on how to help their families in this mid year transition. (page 56)
  • The kid with the stinky lunch on CNN Food says as much about where you’ve come from, where you’ve decided to go, and the lessons you have learned.
  • It was nice to be quoted in Huffington Post on their Back to school 2012: Teachers reveal parents’s biggest divorce mistakes.
  • When they asked me how the PTA could honor teachers, I had lots of ideas. You can see some of them on @we.play.com here.
  • Working moms: 6 simple short cuts for moms on the go at Sheknows Parenting. Posted in Parenting / Super Moms Guide
  • The importance of reading to a child. Proximity is key in most relationships.
  • An article on how to help your child when he/she needs immunizations
  • An article from New York about Today’s interconnected world.
  • Made it on TodayMoms web site with 25K FB likes on having your child’s teacher help with social concerns.
  • As a leading Business Magazine in South Africa, the Wits Business School Journals objective is to provide a tool that carries thought leadership to an audience hungry for knowledge. They asked me about my time living in Africa.
  • The do’s and don’ts of handling co-workers you hate in getcurrency.com
  • The Empty Nester’s Guide to Kids and Money in MainStreet.com  
  •  iVillage How to help your child make friends – Shy student support.
  • Momshomeroom asked about the graduation celebrations that some schools hold in Kindergarten or Preschool.
  • Five ways to ease children into childcare – Mom’s going back to work. Going back to work? Five ways to ease young children into childcare by Atlanta Working Moms Examiner
  • Losing it in front of the kids, why it is important that our kids know what we are feeling and what we might expect when the unexpected happens.
  • Timely advise – getting ready for that summer camp experience on Carpe Dealem Blog. Happy Campers: Tips on Readying Your Kids for Camp.
  • How to build resilience in your child at Expat Women  – the largest global website helping women living overseas.
  • What to do when you lose it in front of your children – Galtime asks about the case of Mom Guilt.
  •  Grade- Grubbing parents – who is responsible for the grades? Grade grubbing: When parents cross the line
  • ebook – All in the Family – Tips for planning a Fab Family Reunion from beginning to end!
  • Sandwich generation tips: Willing to let go of what?
  • Global Nomads and young kids: Airline play with your kids in Imagination Soup.
  • Playground Dilemma: The balance at play on eHow.com
  • Online Safety: Computers – keeping the lines of communication open with your child. Internet access is almost universal for Canadian children and teenagers – not just through the computer, but also via devices like game consoles, portable media players and smartphones.
  • First crush and how to help your children -when this happens: A crush must be seen from your child’s eyes.
  • What you should never say in front of your child : hidden messages.
  • Helping Children with grief for a pet: coping with loss
  • Helping parents with New Years Eve tips for teens: New Years
  • Help setting boundaries with kids home from college: college kids home
  • Is Day Care Worth the Effort: Day Care  Most new parents who both work outside the home, and even many who work from home, know that at some point in the near future they’ll need to deal with daycare.
  • Holiday Travel Stories: Travel with kids  The comments from people were interesting, you could tell they were not global nomads and not use to doing things in third world countries.
  • Tri-generational Vacations and How to have Fun:  vacations-families-all-ages
  • Turn Teen Slugs into Happy Helpers: top-10-ways-get-teens-help-out  We polled experts and parents of teens to get their best tips for getting teens to pitch in around the house.
  • Top Three Things to Make your Move Successful: Moving
  • Grant’s local publicity: Spirit of Saint Valentine a child’s book about international schools and moving.  When you see a book about International school children from the child’s perspective it is very interesting.
  • “Emotional Resilience and the Expat Child” can be purchased in the USA and in your local bookstore. It is currently being sold on five continents.

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