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When you write about expat children –

it is always interesting to see ‘where in the world’ people felt this was an important book.


  • The first radio interview with Jo Parfitt – Here.

  • The Foreign Service – Education Supplement article on Third Cultural Kids – Emotional Health

  • You can read about my book project in the Bangkok Post about raising Global Nomads
  • Here Expat Info Desk is an online resource specializing in international relocation guide services did a book review

  • Here DrieCulturen wrote a wonderful recap of my book and posts about other coverage on the project. (Over opgroeien in andere culturen en alles wat daar mee te maken heeft)

  • Expat Womenis the largest global website helping women living overseas.

  • Book Review on FamilyClick. One mission in mind…Connect families like ours who are apart. I believe in family, even at a distance. I want all children to have emotional ties with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins even if they live far from each other so that they do not become strangers.

  • Family click an interesting review

  • I had a pleasant surprise when a peer wrote his coetail blog about some things off my blog. Thanks Jason!  You can read it here. Don’t blame the tool.

  • Blog write up on how my writing process went with my first book.

  • Blog write up on Adventures in Expat Land – living abroad and sharing the good, the less good and the just plan odd

  • Book review Observations and absurdities of international life with a family of global nomads and world wide friends . . . currently living in The Netherlands

  • I am EXPAT – for expats of all colours, shapes and sizes mentioned me in their five-part series on emotional resilience.

  • The Dutch News writes about the need to  express and articulate the complex emotions at work when they are relocating.

  • Xpat.NL  has a great list of expat books to check out.  I am glad my book showed up on their review list. Check it out.

  • It can be viewed on psychology books on the Neuroscience Resources web site at  neuroscienceforums.com

  • You can find an interview from  France on www.lepetitjournal.com

  • It can be viewed  for foreign citizens in Hungary who speak English and wish to stay informed about expatriate life in Hungary at xpatloop.com

  • It was worthy of news in the Irish World, a community newspaper for the Irish community living outside Ireland. This news company is based in North West London see book review.

  • On the French Lepetitjournal.com web site Book Launch in BKK

  • A  book review on Wordgeyser an  Anglo/American global family living in 3 different countries on two continents, (USA, UK and the Netherlands)

  • Information from local Thai Newspaper Nation May 19, 2011

Blog Tour  for Emotional Resilience and the Expat Child

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