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Holidays should be Tri-generational

Tis the season to be connected.

“Global nomads , TCK’s, CCK’s or just kids like us, need to know old people” said my child many years ago. I had to agree.

Our children learn from our parents. This holiday season please try to plan some time where your children can spend time with their grandparents.  If you are a global family, expand your friend zone to include older people your children can get to know. Living overseas we are not lucky enough to go back to where our own parents live every holiday. Our children are grandparent deprived. But we are trying hard to make up for that concern.

Grandpa got a computer and lessons on how to skype from his grandson.  Grandma got to watch a video of my book launch on my daughter’s iphone.  Both of these were successful. When my daughter tried to show or have Grandma listen to one of my radio interviews on her iphone, this proved to be too complicated for grandma.  

When I talked to my Mom, she told me that the previous video was just shown on my daughter’s very small video screen.  I told her it was a phone. She replied, “No – no way. Why would a phone have a TV? Then I asked her about the radio interview and she said they were not able to ‘see’ it. I said, “It was a radio show?  Mom replied, “Why would her phone have a radio?”  It was too hard for me to explain about radio, internet, phones and connections.

Children need a sense of history. The best way to do this is to have a connection with someone who has lived in a different generation. I always encourage global nomads to reach out in the community for this generation if they re not able to keep their own older generation connected to their children.

I remember sitting for hours and hours listening to my own grandma talk about things she had accomplished in her life and things she had done. I heard tales of cover wagon travel and how one room school houses worked.  I loved those afternoons.

I hope my children get to sit and talk to my mom about how she took a horse on her wedding trip because my Dad rode bulls in the rodeo for fun. I hope she gets to share how it was to have a ‘party phone line’ which meant when the phone rang in the neighborhood anyone could pick it up and listen into the call even if the call was not for them. You could have multiple conversations at the same time.

Then I hope I get to tell my grandkids about learning to do computers when a computer was the size of a car garage. How I had a ‘mobile phone’ that weighted almost 2 pounds and how I sent all my college applications to my universities in an envelope with a 10 cent stamp (it was 9 cents more per extra ounce). These will be fun conversations.

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Take care and wrap your children with people who can share ‘history’ with them so they feel more connected. This is very important for our global nomads.

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