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Important contract to add to any agreement with your child

As an educator and a mother of two, I have found that when parents make contracts with their children they often think of the tangible things.  Clean your room.  Do your dishes.  Get out of bed and make it.  Parents often over look the one thing that causes parents the most stress!  Not knowing if your child is safe.
I have worked with over 8,000+ families on five continents  and this is one thing I tell all of them to do.
“When I text you or call you, you must pick up or acknowledge that you received my message.”
So many parents are worried about their child and check in with them to only find that the child will not respond to them and then they worry even more. For many of the younger kids, we have set it up so they text their parents prior to ‘going off the grid”. They are responsible to send a text message saying for example, “Gong in movie in two minutes, phone off”. This gives the parents the heads up so they don’t worry.
Many families have found this very helpful and prevents the cycle of a parent needing to connect with a child, then no response, reconnect and no response resulting in the parent’s worry to grow and grow.  This is also helpful when parents are dealing with a child going off to college another worry time for parents.
Build in your agreement the ability to text such things, “Busy will get back to you”  or “Not a good time for me”  or even “Thanks – later” just some sort of code that tells the parent that the kid is okay and things are going good.
Often this is all the parent needs.
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