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One, Two, Three, Go: What games do you play around the world?

I just watched three lovely little girls playing a game on our beach.  I tried to follow along but my Spanish is awful.  I just joined in on their smiles.

It reminds me of my time working in Indonesia. Believe it or not, my Bahasa Indonesia is better than my Spanish!

Indonesia Players: 2

This game is played by two people to see whose turn is first. It is similar to Paper, Scissors, Stone from China and Japan, and is known in the United States as Rock, Paper, Scissors.  There are a few differences from the American version I grew up with.

The players face each other with right hands behind their heads. They count aloud, “One, two, three, go!”  Or

  1. One — satu.
  2. Two — dua.
  3. Three — tiga.

On the word “go” they hold out their right hands in one of three ways: the thumb, index finger, or little finger is pointed toward the opposite player.

  • The pointed thumb is the elephant.
  • The pointed index finger is the man.
  • The pointed little finger is the ant.

To decide who is winner the players say whichever of the following lines is appropriate to their two gestures: “Elephant wins over man because he can trample him.” “Man wins over ant because he can stop on him.” “Ant wins over elephant because he can run up his trunk and tickle him to death.”

If the players make the same sign, they play the game again.

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