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*OooOoOOooo* Does Halloween bring out the best in you as a parent?

 Halloween can bring out the best or the worst in a family.

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I am always interested in how Halloween is ‘seen’ to families around the world. Is it a funny dress up event or a scary eve of All Saints’ Day?

Sometimes it is seen as a very weird holiday to some people. Sometimes it is seen as just being a holiday that is easy to overindulge in candy.

Are kids in your neighborhood somewhat uncreative? Or are their parents!

Instead of thinking long and hard about what they wanted to be for Halloween, they run to the store at the last minute and grab a prepackaged costume (Superheroes, Monsters, and Star Wars characters). What happens when you live overseas, and you are not creative?

I remember when The Gong Show was popular in the 70s, this brought out some Chuck Barris outfits. Why? I always wondered why? But in Asia, coming as a ‘gong’ is a real possibility!

If you are having a bad hair day, you could just put a bag over your head and be The Unknown Comic. But of course, you’d have to live in a country that actually has paper bags or you would have had to put one in your suitcase at home leave for just this type of ’emergency.’

Age Appropriate

I hate it when young kids are dressed far above their age group with sexual topics, but it happens way more than we care to admit at home and overseas. Why does the cute little mermaid have to have adult eye shadow and lipstick? Why does the teen have to wear a costume that makes her look like a ‘uncomfortably-sexual being’?

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Got to love the hair and the legs!

A costume that always makes me smile is when adults dress up as ‘The Village People’ and I always chuckle at the Richard Simmons costumes on kids or adults. I wonder why these American icons made it worldwide. What has been your favorite all time outfit for someone in your family?

Many people dress up their children, but some even dress up their pets.  Some of these photos always make me smile.  Have you ever dressed up a pet?

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One pet is hard enough to photo…but two! Cute.
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Now there are also other real concerns – Whether you’ve been invited to a big Halloween bash or plan on hanging at home you might be immortalized in Facebook photos.

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Country Appropriate

One time we had to dress up for a “P” Progressive dinner party while living on Sumatra, Indonesia. Among the many (P‘s) that ended up as pimps and prostitutes, you found my 6’4″ husband dressed all in yellow with a stem headpiece.  He was the poster boy for to the Indonesia Pisang or Banana. I was the balloon filled purple outfit that was a Parasite – complete with notes on why parasites are important in the tropics.

This might explain why we have been invited to so few Halloween parties since then.

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