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Plan a perfect holiday : The last day before christmas holiday begins

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Out of the vault –

She was angry and sad.

I asked her “why” on the last day of school before the Christmas holiday?  She said, “I am angry that the day will be over so soon and I am sad that I have to leave school.

This was not how I recalled my years in schools.  I was always the first to leave and the one sitting eagerly in my seat for the last bell to ring so I could blast off for fun on being “out of school.”

So I wonder . . . Did my teacher’s not instilling my love of learning and my need to be in school or is her time off so dull that she would rather be at school than at home.

So I decided to ask her “why” again.

“I really like my friends, and I love my teacher, why would I want to miss out on what they are doing?” she questions me back.

“Won’t you do anything fun over the holidays?”

“Yes, we are going to go horseback riding and ice skating.”

“Won’t that be more fun than being in school?”


She summed it up in one word. No. School was more fun than riding a horse. School was even more fun than skating. She is five and school is MORE fun than these two activities. My first thoughts were, Your teacher is fortunate to have you in her class.

Then I realized the truth. Her teacher must be a great teacher.

“You are a lucky little girl to love school so much.”, I said.

Again she stated it perfectly. “I love my whole school day.”

Being a part of her universe, I am going home tonight glad to be a counselor and thankful that she is part of my school. I hope all the teachers, parents, children and counselors have a great Christmas holiday. People travel all over the world for the holidays, but we also need to be ‘happy’ to acknowledge where we come from.

Safe Travels if you are heading out of school this season.