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Prickly , thorny and problematic …

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My heart is broken each year as kids move on . 

 Prickly , thorny and problematic . . . the relationship between my head and my heart is complicated.

Some people do not have this trouble. They are unable or unwilling to give up the demands and satisfactions of giving in to their feelings. They can keep life and emotions separated.

Once I got in trouble for using the word “kid” in a school document.  I was informed that writing from a school (as the school counselor) I had to use the word “student”.  It felt wrong to me. It made my head and heart hurt.

After watching the Documentary “Race to Nowhere” I am even more determined to call a child a “kid” and not a  “student”. Kids are more than their grades.

Living in Thailand I love to use the metaphor that Jonathan Haidt uses to describe the conflicting forces behind human conduct.

Rider sitting atop an elephant

Dr. Haidt labels the conscious reasoning self as a rider sitting atop an Elephant, the emotional self. The analytical Rider is constantly striving to direct and control the emotional Elephant. He acknowledges that training the Elephant is possible and useful, but the larger and more powerful Elephant will sometimes go its own way.

I love young kids, their elephants are always “going their own way” and these kids are happy, resilient kids.

elephants baby

P.S.  on a personal note my son, Grant during his global citizen weeks at school has been going to an Elephant Park. He is now collecting money to support their cause. Proceeds from his book are going to this cause in Thailand.
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