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Tutor more than the basic math, reading and etc.

Parents might want to think about tutoring their child’s strong subject
instead of just their weak area subjects. When children feel confident in
one area this often will make them try harder in other areas. It is called
“strength based” training and a very important aspect of a child’s self

When parents only get tutoring for the weak areas, often a child feels
defeated and a loser. I always suggest to the families I work with to do
only ten minutes of tutoring per grade level so you don’t over burden the
child and make them hate school work. Example in Grade One – ten minutes
of work one on one and intensive is better than an hour of non focused
work. Grade Two, you can try 20 minutes. This means the standard hour of
tutoring is not actually helpful until the child is in Sixth Grade. If
parents must take a whole hour of tutoring for the younger grades, make
sure the tutor factors in break times or movement times.

This would be my ideal setup for a Third Grade student who needs math
support and the parents want to pay for an hour of tutoring.

Five minutes of personal time and sharing of what was good about last week and what was hard about last week in school. 25 minutes of work on the math areas that are deemed to be weak or basic foundation work of math skills. A short break (5 minutes) – movement and water, are both needed. 15 minutes of doing a strength based activity.

If the child loves to read, share reading skills at this time. If the child loves music, do music for these minutes. If the child loves basketball, shoot free throws. Finish up with ten minutes of intense math work.

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